MZS 7/8 Bar End Mirrors | Motorcycle Rear View Mirror handlebar Accessories Standard Hollow Convex Round 6061 T6 Aluminum Black Compatible with Street Sport Bike Cruiser Scooter

MZS 7/8 Bar End Mirrors | Motorcycle Rear View Mirror handlebar Accessories Standard Hollow Convex Round 6061 T6 Aluminum Black Compatible with Street Sport Bike Cruiser Scooter


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Size: 7/8 inch (14-19mm)
Material: Aluminum
Brand: MZS
Lens Curvature Description: Convex
Vehicle Service Type: Street-Sport-Motorcycles, Street-Touring-Motorcycles, Street Bike
Fit Type: Vehicle Specific Fit
Shape: Round

About this item

BEST WIDE VISION – 180 Degree adjustable ball joint and stem rotation motorcycle mirrors design, with high quality convex glass lens that provides ultra-high definition to remove blind spots, better ensuring a safe drive!

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL – Adopts modern 6061 T6 aluminum alloy integrated CNC process has higher tensile strength and yield strength, and is not easily get damaged even under collision. It has good corrosion resistance and is not easy to get rust, ensure a long life and a cool look.

CHAMFERED EXTENSION ADAPTER – The MZS 7/8 bar end mirror adopts a unique chamfered extension adapter design. Compared with the traditional horn-shaped adapter, the extended part of the chamfered adapter is easier to open and easier to fix inside the handlebar, which solves the problem that the bar end mirror is easy to loosen during driving.

ANTI-STICKING WASHER – The unique throttle anti-sticking design forms the absolute independence of the connection position between the mirror and the throttle handle. After the installation, the throttle retains its original resilience, which keeps you safe and worry-free.

WIDE FITMENT – fits to most bands of Motorcycle, Street bikes, Sports bikes Scooter Cruisers with standard hollow 7/8 inch diameter handlebars. (Before installation, please move the outermost silver shell of the adapter to the top and fix it with a Allen Wrenche, otherwise the adapter shell may not be opened)


MZS 6061 T6 Aluminum 7/8 Bar End Mirrors

Products Specification:

Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy Housing & Optical Grade Acrylic with HD Convex Mirror
Motorcycle Mirror diameter: 2.56 inch
Stem Length: 2.40 inch
Mirror Weight: 0.77 lb
Pivot: 180 degree adjustable

2 x 7/8 Bar End Mirrors (Left and Right)
2 x Allen Wrenche
Instructions Included
Applicable for most motorcycle with standard hollow 7/8 inch diameter handlebars Motorcycle Street Sport Cruiser Bike
Not suitable for thread

Install Features:

Good weather ability and smooth surface
Can manually tilt adjust mirror angle or adjustable the stem, more flexible to be used.
Convex motorcycle mirrors design make objects appear smaller and farther away in order to provide the driver with a larger view of what is behind him
Unique chamfered extension adapter easy Install, direct insert hollow handle bar
Its stylish design is perfect to decorate your motorbike

All-round field of view

The lens design of high-definition convex lens greatly extends the field of view and greatly reduces the blind area. It can clearly feedback the rear field of view regardless of day or night, giving you the most comprehensive driving protection

Multi-Point Adjustable Design

The 180-degree rotary joint can be freely adjusted to the desired angle, allowing you to obtain a more suitable optimal viewing angle and easy control.

Shockproof ball-type joint
Reinforced shockproof ball-type connection joint, which makes the mirror surface stable even at the speed

Stronger material construction

The upgraded CNC 6061 T6 aluminum shock-proof shell, anti-corrosion coating finish, super protection, can easily cope with all kinds of bad weather

Additional information

Weight 18.72 oz
Dimensions 9.57 × 7.68 × 2.2 in