MZS Motorcycle Brake Clutch Adjustable Shorty Lever

MZS Motorcycle Brake Clutch Adjustable Shorty Lever


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High technology CNC levers made of 6061-T6 aluminum
Adjustable in 6 positions (even while driving)
Weight without adapter: 81g, Length: 14.5 cm
Ergonomic shape, extremely light and resistant


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MZS Advantages:
1.Appropriate length,ergonomic shape and pleasing roundness, making these milled
levers to provide optimum coupling.
2.Allowing optimal grip according to the size of your hand, and the position of
the lever can be adjusted to 6 positions. The prominent knob makes the lever
particularly slippery and can be adjusted even while driving. The lever
mechanism is mounted on a particularly durable brass bushing.
3.If you buy a new motorbike, you do not need to buy new levers. You can adjust
the lever to the new model by easily replacing the adapter without spending too
much. You can contact us directly to find the right adapter for your new model!

Note: Before and after installation, pls be sure to check all screws are
tightened properly.And if necessary, use a liquid locker.

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Weight 19.36 oz
Dimensions 9.57 × 7.8 × 2.28 in